A New Chapter of Life

I'm a complicated emotional being, so deep and meditative, yet so loving, caring and tender. I love everything simple, genuine, honest , spontaneous or reflective. I'm interested in the life and back story behind every person I come across and find interesting. I love to understand ppl and bring the best outa them. I love to listen to and support my friends.
I love Allah. I love people. I love the universe. I love everything about my life, even the things that caused me to suffer. I love books. I love nature. I love the skies, the moon and the planets. I love the trees & the soft cold breeze. I love the sound of water, the singing of the birds, the humming of people and cars in the streets. I love winter. I love anything natural, anything genuine. I love to contemplate at the simplicities of life. I love to feel one with the world.
Got anything to say? Irrigate your curiosity :)